Online Submission System

Submit the paper and check the status of your contribution through the
Cores 2021 Submission System.

Accepted Papers

General requirements:

  • The final version of the submitted paper must be prepared using LaTeX2e, together with the corresponding Springer style file.
  • Papers should not exceed 10 pages.
  • Papers must comply with the format of AISC Series
  • Papers formatted using other styles than Springer LNCS will be rejected.
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  • Springer Latex template – please use llncs.dem as a paper example (download).
  • The LaTeX template is also available at Overleaf.
  • No modification of the paper layout is allowed. (margins, linespread, font size, typeface etc.).
  • Please do not overuse commands like \vspace, \hspace.
  • Use eps/pdf figures instead of TikZ or PGF code inside the document.
  • Gray-scaled images are preffered.
  • Please provide \authorrunning{} for more than two authors.
  • Please provide \titlerunning{} for long titles.
  • For “Acknowledge” please use \section*{Acknowledgments}.
  • Do not use \usepackage[…]{babel}.
  • Do not use a4wide or geometry.
  • Use \figurename~\ref{fig:a} instead of Fig.~\ref{fig:a}.
  • Do not use \mainmatter; this is a command only for the whole volume.
  • \usepackage[hyphens]{url} improves the aspects of hyperlinks in the final document.
  • Please do not use deprecated packages. A list of obsolete commands and packages can be found here.


  • It is recommended to use utf-8 encoding.
  • Please use only well-known packages.
  • For pseudocode please use algorithm2e package.
  • For programming-language-specific code please use listings package.
  • Pleasue use subcaption instead of subfig or subfigure packages.
  • Springer encourages authors to include their ORCIDs in their papers.

The final zip archive must contain:

  • The final sources (Latex files).
  • A final PDF corresponding exactly to the final sources.
  • A Springer copyright form, signed by one author on behalf of all of the other authors of the paper (download copyright form)
  • Before sending please change the name of the file to
  • The final zip archive should be sent directly to:


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